Spoon Carving Workshop

Spoon Carving Workshop

Join us for this rewarding and surprisingly therapeutic workshop and carve your very own spoons.

Your experienced (and patient!) tutor will teach you the basics of carving green wood, introducing you to techniques and top tips to help you along the way. You will start the day with a spoon blank and, using only a straight knife and hook knife, you will learn the safe and efficient way of using these tools. By lunchtime, you will have carved a spoon!

After lunch, the focus will be on the whole process from log to product. You will learn the principles of cleaving wood and will rough out a spoon blank with a carving axe. You will then put into practice the skills you gained in the morning. This means you will head home with two handcrafted spoons - what an achievement.

This workshop is suitable for complete beginners, and the skills you will learn during your day will allow you to progress towards more carving projects.

The workshop will run from 10.00am until 5.00pm, with a pause for ploughman-style lunch partway through the day. Lunch and the materials to make both of your spoons will be provided, as will a workshop apron for you to wear during your day.

Places on this workshop are limited to 8.

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