Shampoo Bar Workshop

Shampoo Bar Workshop

Join us for this informative and insightful workshop, and you may never buy a bottle of shampoo or conditioner again!

You will learn about surface-active agents (surfactants) and what they do for us in our everyday lives, as well as the science behind shampoo and conditioner bars - and no, they aren't just bars of soap we use on our heads, far from it!

During your day, you will make 3 different shampoo bars and 2 different conditioner bars, customizing each of them to your hair type. Whether you prefer clarifying shampoos, everyday shampoos, separate shampoo and conditioner or 2 in 1 conditioning shampoos, we have it covered.

The workshop will run from 10.00am until 4.00pm, with a pause for a ploughman-style lunch. Your lunch and everything you need to make your collection of shampoo and conditioner bars will be provided, including a workshop apron for you to wear during your day.

Places on this workshop are limited to 8.

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